Hornstull Brewery Society

Hornstull is Stockholm’s last pristine neighborhood, today mostly inhabited by trend-conscious hipsters. With local ingredients we created two beers and the Hornstull Honey Amber is still selling to this day.

Honey Amber

Honey Amber

We wanted to give it a design that made it stand out against the neat, colorful beers. We gave the bottle a clean and contemporary label with a little bit of roughness. The illustration is a flirt with the local fauna and Hornstull’s reputation as "the knife area."

Hornstull Gingerbread Monster

Hornstull Gingerbread Monster

The Gingerbread Monster is no ordinary Christmas ale. With an alcohol level of 19% it’s the strongest beer in Sweden. Ever. The illustration of a rat demolishing a gingerbread church is a flirt with the local fauna and Hornstull’s iconic landmark. To enhance the craftsmanship we painted the caps with sealing wax and labeled the bottles by hand. The microbrewed batch gave birth to 400 bottles and was served in bars around Hornstull throughout the holidays.